Terms and Conditions

Printing, Graphic/Logo design, and SEO services/products cannot be cancelled or refunded. In the case that we ship you a printed product that has flaws (Highly Unlikely), then we will either refund you your order total, or ship you all new cards, at no cost to you.


In the event that you have mispelled a word or uploaded an incorrect image, and the order has been placed, we will try to stop the order from going to production, but we cannot guarantee this. If you require after order changes to be made, and we cannot stop production, you must place a new order, and order them again.


All purchases for domain names, web hosting, ssl certificates, and any other online, intangible service, is non refundable after payment.


If a service agreement is too be signed, receipt of said agreement is a must for the services to be active. Failure to return service agreements can result in the suspension of your product or service. Additionally, services already active will become the property of DaWolfe Group : Creative Media and Printing, until the agreement is signed, at which point services are then legally transferred to signee, unless otherwise stated in the agreement.

Any and all invoices must be paid on or before the due date specified. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of any services associated with said invoice, additionally a late fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) will apply.


This notice may be changed without explicit  notice.


Last updated: July 15 2018

Interactive product designer is currently under maintenance. Please forward all artwork for you orders to contact@dawolfegroup.com, attached with your order ID. Thank you. Dismiss